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Everyone Should Be Remembered

Everyone should be remembered, Especially Me!

This is one time I would like us to agree to be a little bit selfish. Let’s do everything we can to make sure we leave something behind for our kids, our families, and our friends. We should not force our future generations to guess at what we look liked and what we enjoyed doing. Instead, let’s show them!

That is exactly what we do here. Especially Me shares moments with you, captures them in photographs and video, then helps you preserve them them forever so that you never forget and nobody else has to guess. Then, we help you create wonderful presentations from your moments and craft them into museum quality wall art, books, and other wonderful products to share your memories with those you love.

Especially Me is a content creation company with curation services on the horizon.  We specialize in a handful of services intended to, you guessed it, help you preserve memories and present them in beautiful ways.  We absolutely love engaging with you and your family in our documentary sessions, maternity and birth sessions, and baby shoots.  While you’re considering all of the moments and what is special, don’t forget how special it is to just be you.  Our beauty sessions will make sure you remember right now for as long as you’d like.  Sometimes, our moments are the moment we click that shutter button and sometimes we click the shutter because the moment is here.  Either way, we need to make sure it gets clicked.

We would like to invite you to join us in preserving our memories together. With our help you can capture your moments and never forget again. We can help you share those moments with the people you love.

Everyone should be remembered, Especially You!

Meet Our Staff: Travis

Hi, I’m Travis.

I’d say something witty like, ‘I’ll bet you’re wondering what I’m doing here’ but that would be pretty silly.  After all, you came to my website and took the time to look at my blog posts.  It’s probably pretty clear already that I am a photographer.  More specifically, I am a Hannibal Missouri photographer and I’m a little different.

I don’t think I’m just any ol’ photographer (we never do, after all).

And I don’t think my wife (another blog post) and I have started just any ol’ photography business.  If we had, this wouldn’t be very interesting, would it?  No, I don’t want to sit you in a chair with your spouse’s hands on your shoulders in a neutrally-lit room.  I want to make an effort to get to know you, to learn who you are and what makes you tick, to meet your family and friends, to really capture those little things that make folks smile (or not, if that’s the way you like it) and recollect, ‘that’s them alright.’

You see, I’m a documentary photographer.

I say that because I have to call it something or we’d have a hard time talking about it.  Really, though, I’d prefer to just keep it simple and just tell you that I like to get to know the real you via media.  Easy, right?  Sometimes that is by hanging out with a camera, sometimes with a drone flying overhead.  We will break out studio lights and make beautiful portraits and we will capture daily life in stark black and white.  At the end of it all, we will have created a beautiful collection of memories that you will love to share with everyone.

I love spending time with you.  There is nothing I like more than helping you share your stories with the world.  I really hope we can find a project that we can work on together.

Contact me for a consultation on your project.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Meet Our Staff: Samantha

Hello, My Name is Samantha and I’m a Photographer!

If you’re hoping to capture your own uniqueness or all of those tiny details that are so quickly filled in once baby arrives, then I would love to meet you!  Like my husband, Travis, I am a Hannibal Missouri photographer and have turned my passion into a really cool business capturing something special in each of our client.

I love photographing the babies!

How’s that for plain and simple?  But it’s true.  Babies are the best, aren’t they?  They’re all cuddly and snuggly and cute and almost never pee on someone who isn’t paying attention.  The best part, though, is that I can create something awesome for mom and dad to share with baby when they’re all grown up.  All these little ones should be remembered in as much detail as we can muster and that’s where I come in!

hannibal missouri photographer

And I love celebrating uniqueness!

Everyone is unique and always changing, and all the steps along the way should be showcased!  There is so much satisfaction in crafting beautiful portraits of someone and seeing their pride in their own beauty.  Everyone is beautiful, and everyone should remember it.  I really want to help you do that.  From simple portraits to something special for someone special, I love helping women create memories of their beauty and preserve them in print and digital art that will last for generations.  I feel as though I’m truly helping people to never forget.

hannibal missouri photographer

We build lifelong relationships.

What I really love about all of this is that I build friends for life.  I love my clients.  Their babies grow up with me and I get to grow old with them.  We visit regularly and I get to be part of so many milestones that are usually reserved for friends and family.  As far as I’m concerned that makes me friends and family!

I want to talk to you about setting up a session for you or your little one.  Let’s see if we can build some beautiful collections together!



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The Me Project


Portrait photography can be a wonderful, artistic, inspiring way to show off a subject.  But it lacks depth.  It lacks history and a story.  It lacks real personality.  Documentary photography has personality.  It has history and a story and is wonderful at sharing the intimate details that traditional portraiture misses.  But it’s blunt, unflattering, and tends to show us what we have, even if what we have isn’t exactly what we want to capture.

How about we stop settling for someone else’s perspective of who we are?  We are a person and we want to share ourselves with the world.  It’s time to craft our story.  It’s time for The Me Project.

It’s The Me I Want

Are you known for your amazing chili?  Does your needlepoint adorn your family’s walls?  Are you young and beautiful and never want to forget that?  Amazing singer?  Great chess player?  Love your grandchildren?  Yard of the week every month?  There are as many reasons to celebrate you as there are people out there.  All of us have gifts, family, or even just an interest in preserving our heritage for our children and grandchildren.  That’s good enough for us.

The great part of The Me Project is that you get what you want.  We use our documentary style combined with portrait photography to capture you in both your natural settings and your very best and most beautiful self.  It’s the best of both worlds.

The World Isn’t Flat

We love technology at Especially Me, and we’re bringing the latest in 360° Virtual Reality photography and video to your session.  Imagine, your great-grandchildren can be right there while you bake cookies, tend the garden, or tell stories about your parents and grandparents.  Amazing!

Why stop there?  We’ll break out a drone and capture aerial 360° Virtual Reality footage and produce photos and videos that can include your entire property and surroundings.  This is pretty much as cool as it gets.  You get to bring your family right along with you in real time in Virtual Reality!


So you’re not interesting enough for all that, right?  Pffft.  That’s what I say.  We are all heroes to someone, and those someones want us to preserve our memories forever.  Don’t think for a minute you’re any different.  You aren’t.  Someone wants you to do this!


Contact Especially Me right now for a special consult right away!

columbia missouri photographer

Documentary Blog Post

My wife and I took up photography many years ago as a shared hobby. At that time, I shot pretty much anything and everything looking for that genre that fit me. I hit the jackpot by meeting a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, B.D. Colen, who spent way more time critiquing my photography than I deserved.

Those days, my camera never left my side. I brought it to family functions, visits with friends, and to the streets trying to capture life as it happened. Maybe it was the genre, the mentor, or perhaps the personal connection to my subjects; I became hooked on candid photography.

Jr. Muncy Sings Happy Birthday
When we started our business it was clear to me that there was a huge gap in traditional photography offerings. We are so much more than portraiture has to offer and capturing all of us requires documentary.

“We loved how easy the shoot was. All we had to do was be ourselves.” – Allan Muncy
It’s really that simple. Documentary isn’t posed or overly planned. It is by far the easiest photography you’ll ever prepare for. Dress like yourself, do whatever it is that you do, and I’ll be there to capture it.

“It was as if Travis was invisible. When I received the album, there were so many pictures included that I had no idea were being shot.” – Robin Simpson
Special events, like Jr. Muncy’s 88th birthday party, are a great way to get your feet wet with this type of photography. Gather the family, have a good time, and I’ll be there to capture it.

Allan and Jr. Relax Before the Party
“The few nerves we had were quickly eased by visiting with Travis before the shoot. He quickly blended into the family and all nerves went away.” – Allan Muncy
The best part of shooting like this is that I get to leave with more than just business. I leave with friends, new family, and new memories of my own. The product becomes more than business; it becomes personal. That connection creates much more than would be possible with just portraiture. You get real emotion and real personality.

“I knew you would do great but I had no idea I would FEEL the life you put into the pictures.” – Robin Simpson
When Robin Simpson asked me to help create memories of her dad I was pretty excited. I spent half a day capturing gun smithing, gardening, and beautiful family moments. In that half day we managed to capture an entire book of memories that will be cherished forever. Not bad for an afternoon with friends.

Dad Tells a Story
“I was elated and in tears. The photos were of my 83 year old daddy… as long as I have these photos he will always be alive and with me.” – Robin Simpson
I love all types of photography and it all has tremendous value for all of us. But testimonies like this make me get up in the morning.

“Absolutely JUST DO IT! It was the most natural session I have ever experienced. No staging, no props, just be you and enjoy. You will cherish the results!” – Robin Simpson

Contact Me to discuss the exciting opportunity to document your special memories.

columbia missouri photographer

Client Profile – Kelsea Miller

“I’d never done anything like this before so it was a real treat for myself.”
I’m not sure many people would describe their portrait sessions as a treat but I think Kelsea knows something most people don’t. Our beauty sessions make you feel like a million bucks!

Kelsea, a super talented hairstylist and makeup artist, has been making our clientele feel beautiful for some time now. It was finally time for her to get in front of the camera and show the world that she’s gorgeous, too!

“I was a little nervous about me sucking at being a model, but it was so much fun!”
Most people who get in front of the camera are pretty uneasy about it. But hey, that’s what we’re here for, right? We had a great time and Kelsea settled into her session in no time. We were producing amazing shots that she was destined to be proud of before she knew it.

“Oh my gosh those are so so so good!!! Yes!”
It’s easy to see why Kelsea loved her photos. She was stunning in every setting and absolutely rocked the camera. We all surprise ourselves sometimes, don’t we?

“Do it! You won’t regret it!” – Kelsea Miller
We were super excited for the chance to spend time with Kelsea and look forward to doing it again sometime!


Contact Us to for a consultation on your own Beauty session.

If you love looking good, contact Kelsea at New Trends or by phone at 217.440.6970. I’m certain you’ll be glad you did!