Everyone should be remembered... Especially Me.

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Our unique blend of documentary and portraiture photography creates heritage quality keepsakes so that you never have to forget. We will engage in your session to truly learn what makes you tick, creating a beautiful experience and lasting memories for you and for the future.

Especially Me is a documentary, lifestyle, and portraiture company specializing in capturing and preserving your once-in-a-lifetime moments. We all wish we could stay young forever, remember that perfect summer, see Aunt Betty one more time, or share our child with the world. This is your opportunity to never lose memories again. Especially Me will create a story about your talents or incredible event before it's too late!


Especially Me's documentary photography will give you a stylized and no-nonsense account of your subject and its environment. You will love our perspective of your family or event, our seamless engagement while shooting, and the powerfully raw photo set that follows. Hint: Documentary can happen in hours, but it can also happen in days or months or years. Talk to us about the long haul.


Everyone is beautiful and everyone should be remembered. Especially Me's beauty photography is a customizable experience intended to reproduce your unique self in all its beauty. Beauty portraiture truly is for everyone. Whether commemorating a big event, photographing an accomplishment, or simply capturing a memory of you right now so that you never forget, you will love how it makes you feel. Hint: Since your hair and makeup will be done, follow your session with a date night!


We love babies! Our sessions are a great experience for everyone, including the baby. We'll photograph your baby from birth all the way through smashing cakes at her first birthday. We will also visit periodically to build a record of Junior's progress so you don't have to miss anything. Hint: We can't say no to a baby so talk to us about how to create a custom experience for yours!

Especially Me is dedicated to preserving our member's memories and The Me Project is your call to action.

How will you be remembered? What are you going to forget? Who will you captivate with your session?

The Me Project is your opportunity to capture it all. We will combine documentary and traditional portraiture to create the story of your dreams. How about capturing your parents or grandparents just as they are today? Have you transformed yourself? Would you like to remember every moment of the 9 months of your pregnancy? The sky is the limit, and we'll bet you can't stop at just one session. Talk to us about preserving a legacy for you!

Client Profile - Kelsea Miller

Client Profile – Kelsea Miller

“I’d never done anything like this before so it was a real treat for myself.”I’m not sure many people would describe their portrait sessions as a treat but I think Kelsea knows something most people don’t. Our beauty sessions make ...
Documentary Blog Post

Documentary Blog Post

My wife and I took up photography many years ago as a shared hobby. At that time, I shot pretty much anything and everything looking for that genre that fit me. I hit the jackpot by meeting a Pulitzer Prize-winning ...
hannibal missouri photographer the me project

The Me Project

Portrait photography can be a wonderful, artistic, inspiring way to show off a subject.  But it lacks depth.  It lacks history and a story.  It lacks real personality.  Documentary photography has personality.  It has history and a story and is ...